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90: Upgrade Your Pitch – with Dorsey’s Brendan McInerney


Data-Driven Outcomes   Today’s guest is Brendan McInerney, Manager of Legal Project Management at Dorsey chats with LeftFoot about applying diligent matter planning practices understanding the necessity of transparency and clear communication with clients on legal matters. Brendan McInerney Bio More than software: Legal Project Management (LPM) is about execution and communicating value to clients…

50: Adopt a Commercial Approach with Fabrizio Carpanini of Dorsey


Meet the Client’s Objective On Episode 50, Nicole talks with the head of Dorsey’s UK and Continental European Private Equity Group, Partner, Fabrizio Carpanini. Fabrizio Carpanini Bio Know your stuff – the law and your practice. Learn what do to and what not to do. You can waste time and money chasing business. Be realistic, do research,…