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75: The Business of Law with Goodwin’s COO Mike Caplan


And the Practice of Law COO of Goodwin, Michael Caplan manages his firm’s business, financial and administrative operations – focusing on growth strategy and execution.   He’s worked with over 30 different General Counsel during his career – many while running a legal operations consulting business.  Michael Caplan Bio  Today’s law firm environment is more competitive…

61: My Lawyer / My Consultant with Ilan Nissan of Goodwin


Thoughts, Words, and Strategies for Sale!   Ilan Nissan is a Senior Partner and noted rainmaker at Goodwin. In addition to client work, he sits on the firm’s Executive Committee and leads the Private Equity and Mergers and Acquisition business.  Ilan Nissan Bio Tune in to hear why packaging advice matters! Hint: client customization is…