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77: Drop the Resentment with Harvard Law School’s Scott Westfahl


Bridging the Law Firm Generation Gap Professor, Scott Westfahl, is the Director of Harvard Law School Executive Education. He leads his organization in their mission to support and develop lawyers across the arc of their careers as they advance to new levels of leadership and responsibility.   He teaches law firm leaders, partners, associates and general…

60: Double Down with Anusia Gillespie, Harvard Law School Executive Education


To Build Your Brand Today’s guest Anusia Gillespie earned a JD and an MBA – employing both as a marketing and business development consultant for lawyers. She recently accepted a new position at Harvard Law School Executive Education and works with both the Harvard Law School Executive Education team and Harvard Law School professors to…

46: Smart Collaboration with Harvard Law School Fellow Dr. Heidi Gardner


Combing Specialized Talent to Solve Client Business Problems Dr. Heidi Gardner Bio Nicole talks with Dr. Heidi Gardner a distinguished fellow in the center for the legal profession at Harvard Law School. Our conversation highlights Dr. Gardner’s recently published book ‘Smart Collaboration: How Professionals and Their Firms Succeed by Breaking Down Silos’. Evidence shows that…