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03: Be Curious – We chat with Alexis Diaz from the G100 Network and G100 Companies

Experiment and Try New Things:


Nicole chats with Alexis Diaz, Managing Director of the G100 network and General Counsel of the G100 Companies.

Tactical best practices:  Develop a process and track your progress.  Use technology to develop a pipeline and support a disciplined approach to cultivating clients.

Success story:  Attending a conference, Alexis focused on what she thought she should do.  When she altered her approach – and pursued the sessions that interested her, she connected more easily with others.

As a GC evaluating legal services: Be curious about the prospect’s business; ask about their specific needs and challenges as well as the businesses.  Remember these points for continuity of conversation.

Economy:  When times are uncertain it’s even more necessary to learn WHY organizations use your services.

Innovation:  Personal outreach, conversation, and engagement are time tested and not changing. The tools are changing.

Millennial, Mobile, Global:

1 – Do what interests you and you’ll meet people you want to meet

2 – Find what you want to sell (within your practice) and sell what excites you

3 – Go ‘off the clock’ for a portion of the conversation and be transparent about it

4 – Experiment, try new things.

Last word: Business development is an integral part of everything you do. It’s OK to be deliberate about it – you need to have a system, a discipline and a desire to do it.


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