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05: No Fear – We chat with Jennifer Kennedy Park of Cleary Gottlieb

Think Long Term:


Nicole chats with Jennifer Kennedy Park, a partner and leading securities litigation lawyer at Cleary Gottlieb.

Strengths and habits that have led to your success: No fear; not being afraid to take risks – ask questions; ask for work opportunities.

Growth strategy: Focus on 10 or less clients from a wide spectrum of industries; get to know the businessperson and specific issues they are trying to solve.

Tactical best practices: Look for areas where you can make suggestions on how to do something better, more effectively, with reduced risk.

Jennifer sees alternative fee arrangements as innovative. For a certain amount each year this is what you’ll pay. It’s how most companies deal with litigation – they budget for it.

Success story: Think long term versus short term and over time less than profitable short-term decisions will likely result in long-term profitable client loyalty Millennial, Mobile, Global: Develop relationships early in your career and keep them. You’ll progress in business together. Be vocal about what makes you uneasy and others will help you overcome challenges.

Enjoy about work: Addressing tough, hard, complicated problems and making the situation better; doing something of value, with people you respect.

Last word: Mentors and sponsors provide support and guidance; seek them out – little risk and a lot of reward.

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