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06: Don’t Be Afraid – We chat with Sigalle Barness of Lawline

Stop Networking with Other Lawyers:


Nicole chats with Sigalle Barness – Lawyer, Faculty Member, and VP of Programming at Lawline.

Whole new areas of law have developed in response to changes in technology; innovation; and the law itself.

Share your knowledge and expertise in a helpful way that will resonate.

Business education where practitioners talk specifically about their practice area as it applies to an industry, i.e. drones and the legal issues surrounding drones.

Shared services economy clients are buying time and lawyers are looking to efficiently and effectively use that time to support their client.

Expand globally using a shared services partnership to go local for knowledge and advice.

Stop networking with other attorneys network within a community you enjoy, you’ll connect with them better because you’re there for a reason – and it will be more interesting and effective.

Get out there and share your expertise within ethical marketing rules – add value to others and they will remember you and the services you can provide.

Sigalle Barness Bio