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08: Kicking it Old School – we chat with Rania Sedhom, Sedhom Law Group

Providing Proactive Counsel:


Nicole chats with Rania Sedhom, Managing Partner, Sedhom Law Group, PLLC.  

Rania and her team take pride providing practical and efficient solutions to complex problems.

Strengths/habits that have led to success: Perseverance and being friendly.

Growth strategy: Provide value, be cost effective, show your client you’re economizing. Demonstrate your strong business sense and knowledge of their industry, their business.

Tactical best practices: Have a plan, calendar business development activities.

Success story: 90% of our clients are on retainer. We act as General Counsel, our client’s partner with us – and are engaged fully.

Millennial, Mobile, Global: Your best differentiator is you. Let people get to know you – through events, speaking etc.

Last word: “We’re kicking it old school” – similar to when the legal profession started.   “We meet our clients regularly; there is trust; we provide proactive counsel to solve business problems.”

Rania Sedhom Bio