100: Operationalizing Legal Advice with Katie DeBord of Bryan Cave


Think Dynamically About Your Clients

In the 100th episode of LeftFoot our guest Katie DeBord, Chief Innovation Officer at Bryan Cave highlights the substantive changes taking place in today’s legal environment and how it’s changing the lawyer-client relationship at every level.   That the firms, practices, lawyers and legal service providers who are doing things differently investing in innovation and that have a culture of innovation from the top down are making an impact.

Today outside legal providers are differentiating themselves by presenting tools to help clients operationalize their legal advice. There’s an increased awareness of legal operations and the integration of legal advice with the technology available.

It’s about holistic legal service delivery, lawyers asking and addressing business questions.  Recognizing that a client may need both legal advice and the efficiency of an LPO. By offering a collaborative approach that’s authenticated and process managed you’ll making it efficient for the client, meeting their expectations within a budget that works for them.

Katie’s advice to partners and senior associates taking on business development responsibilities. Get over imposter syndrome, ask your clients questions. They’ll appreciate that you’re interested in their business. Research, think dynamically about how you and your firm can help them meet their goals including and going beyond the delivery of legal advice.

As Chief Innovation Officer at Bryan Cave, Katie DeBord drives her firm’s global initiative to innovate the way the firm delivers client services. Including new ways of training and developing associates; and new processes and technologies to drive efficiency and collaboration within the firm. She also spearheads the development of custom technologies that enable clients to streamline and better manage their legal operations.

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