104: Listening and Efficiency with Travers Smith’s, David Patient

Innovation By Press Release

On episode 104 we talk with Travers Smith, Managing Partner, David Patient.  David is clear on the approach he’s personally employed while growing Travers Smith in Europe.  Noting the importance of being front-of-mind with clients, the tireless pursuit of targets, and thinking about clients even when they may not be thinking about you.

Personal service and developing relationships – knowing as many people as possible – is important, and when given the opportunity to work with clients deliver the best service possible.   The practice of law is about people, and the people you’ll meet during your legal career.   By listening to what clients want, and what’s happening in the market, you and your practice will grow.

Be brave, be tactical; persevere.  When rebuffed don’t take it personally there may be a real reason you’ve been turned away, try again another day.  It’s a long career. It builds.  Maintain your network of peers and look for people who need your advice on a regular basis.

When asked what’s truly innovative today?   The conversation turned to innovation by press release.  The core of innovation in the delivery of legal advice and services today is listening to clients and being efficient.    While the innovation applied to attracting and maintaining a millennial workforce will be key to the future of firms.

Travers Smith, Managing Partner, David Patient leads the London and Paris presence for his firm. An international M&A specialist he also heads his firm’s International committee coordinating relationships with leading independent law firms throughout the world.   David Patient Bio