109: Listening to Understand with Sarah Cave of Hughes Hubbard & Reed

Building client Trust and Confidence

A partner since 2007, Sarah Cave kicks off our conversation talking about digging in on tough problems, being highly organized, and listening to understand a client’s wants and concerns.  She then shares her three-pronged growth strategy:

  • Show Up: be thoughtful about determining events and situations to participate in that allow you to meet potential clients and make connections with people who are good to know
  • Put Up: keeps your skills toned and ready to assist clients and potential clients
  • Shut Up: focus on listening, observing, and being keenly aware of the needs of your clients and their desired outcomes

Sarah reflects on her positive experiences getting involved and showing up for events with both her local Bar and the International Bar Association.  She conveys a success story that came out of meeting a lawyer at an International Bar Association event.   She also talks about seeing clients as people and ensuring you’re aware of the goals of the person and not just the matter at hand.

When asked what’s truly innovative in legal technology Sarah notes that strong communication and technical sophistication is expected by clients today.  That leveraging technology to effectively connect and respond to a client’s needs will enhance the trust and confidence a client has in you and your services.

Sarah’s advice to those starting out, have a plan that’s flexible; take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.  Be informed, not just about the law but about business and industry so you can respond to your clients’ needs and requests.  Lastly, listening is critical in developing client trust and confidence.

Hughes Hubbard & Reed, Partner, Sarah Cave leads a practice focused on complex securities litigation, professional liability, and bankruptcy litigation in federal, state trial and appellate courts across the country.  She’s worked on the largest financial crisis-related litigations of the past several years.  Sarah Cave Bio