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11: Intentional Contact – a conversation with Jeff Antaya, CMO of Plante Moran

With Intentional Content: 


Strengths/habits that lead to success: Not giving up after 2 or 3 connection attempts. It takes 9 on average to establish a connection.

What have you seen that’s innovative: What’s happening in digital marketing. We have the ability to watch how someone is consuming information and give them more information using those same preferences.

Tactical best practices: It’s important to ensure the voice of the client is heard. Avoid jumping to solve the first pain presented. There are pains clients are unwilling to solve.

Growth strategy: With tools like LinkedIn you’re able to build a network and communicate messages to that network building credibility in a way we’ve never had access to before.

Millennial, Mobile, and Global: Learn to be comfortable in conversations. Listen to what is said – and tailor your response to conversation content. Be polite and courteous. If you’re a jerk, no matter how smart you are, they won’t want to do business with you. Continuously reinforce your message within your network – stay in front of people – be intentional, be in contact.

Enjoy about work: Jeff is passionate about the changing frontier within digital and content marketing, producing the right amount of the right content at the right level.

Last word: Trust and follow your gut.

Link to BIO: Jeff Antaya Bio