112: The Duty of Technology Competence with Ivy Grey

And the Tools we Use Each Day 

In Episode 112 we talk with Ivy Grey, lawyer, Legal Tech Designer and Legal Tech author. For Ivy, the transition from lawyer to legal tech designer wasn’t difficult; growing up in Silicon Valley she naturally uses technology for efficiency.    Similarly, she’s embraced writing about technology with the goal of making the duty of technology competence accessible to all lawyers by focusing on the technology lawyers use every day; tools like Microsoft Word and the Microsoft suite of products.   Implementing legal technology shouldn’t be total upheaval; it’s about palatable changes that allow technology to impact how we work.

Ivy looks at changing market conditions as having forced the wall down between lawyer and client.  Clients today expect their lawyers to care about efficiency and outcomes.  For Ivy, that means understanding the whole situation not just the legal and risk components.  By following what’s going on, how we got here and working to correct the cause of the issue we put ourselves in the client’s shoes and show that we care.

In addition to her writing and legal tech design; Ivy Grey focuses her legal practice on bankruptcy and distressed transactions.   Ivy Grey Bio