113: Story Telling Lawyers on Video with Mitch Jackson


Newsjacking With Style

Out of the gate, our conversation with Mitch Jackson focused on the use of social media to enhance human-to-human behavior.  Connecting with 100s if not 1000s of people to create relationships and move your referral base beyond local to global.  We’re all in media publishing, and how you use social media makes a difference.

The market is moving fast to video and storytelling, and today’s news is the most relevant to the social media viewer.  Newsjackingallows you to capitalize on breaking news by sharing comments and offering a unique perspective or fact.  Mitch’s strategy is 70% listening, providing tips and giving back to the community; and 30% creating and publishing content that helps others solve problems and make improvements.

A few tips? Social media content lives into the future but doesn’t have to be perfect. Be engaging, humanize your brand, and find the unique intersection of timing, trust, and need.  Last point? When you combine social media and traditional marketing – magic will happen.

Jackson and Wilson name partner and blogger Mitch Jackson helps good attorney’s become, great lawyers.  He uses his experience practicing law and building businesses; along with his knowledge of technology and social media to help others become better communicators and resolve legal challenges.  Mitch Jackson Bio