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13: Patience Required – we chat with Jeff Berardi of K&L Gates

It’s Said Law Firms Move at Glacial Speed. 

Nicole chats with Jeff Berardi, the Chief Marketing Officer of K&L Gates. 

Strengths/habits that have led to success: Looking outside of the legal industry for ideas and information.

Growth strategy: K&L Gates is communicating to specific industry groups. Clients don’t care how the law firm is structured they are focused on whether the firm understands their business, their industry.

Tactical best practices: Not solely focused on the largest accounts – they look for opportunities and potential across all their clients.

Success story: Their strategy includes being helpful and providing resources to clients and potential clients without being on the clock. Created a digital destination K&L Gates HUB, which is organized by industry to be more intuitive for clients. They also created a CLE center where anyone can register and take courses. Next up is a HUB resource that is more bespoke – showing content the client needs and wants to receive.

Millennial, Mobile, Global: Be patient with the development of your career and the speed at which law firms change. The ability of the firm to execute on a really good idea may be challenging due to the culture of the firm and the firms readiness to change.

Enjoy about work: Works with an incredible group of professionals. Enjoys watching team members grow, step up into new roles and take on new responsibilities.


 Jeff Berardi Bio