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18: Show Up with Paige Zandri of Priori Legal

Provide Value and Help Others:

Nicole chats with Paige Zandri, Attorney Network Director at Priori Legal

Paige Zandri Bio

Being prepared and practicing: is Paige’s personal success habit.

Tactical best practice is logging notes: Remembering the small details that make a difference and build trust.

Do quarterly 360s:  In a high growth business; look at your own work as if you’re evaluating a team member.

Legal tech has influenced significant change: Ethics rules and the rules of professional conduct require that lawyers know how to use technology and show competency.

Technology can trim fixed and embedded costs: A savings that can be passed on.

Create a scalable market presence: using technology to be high touch while remaining primarily remote.

Trial and error:  was necessary to limit and define who to go after and who to turn away.