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22: Seize the Kairotic Moment with Ajay Raju of Dilworth Paxson

Law Firms Have to Think Like Businesses

Nicole chats with Ajay Raju, Executive Chairman/CEO, Dilworth Paxson, LLP

Ajay talks about how all great law firms are built at the intersection of relationship, value and judgement.

Strengths/habits that lead to success:   Provide counsel vs. focusing on the delivery of legal work.

Growth strategy: Technology is changing the way law is practiced. Clients want value. Act offensively – create profit while embracing an environment of disruption.

Tactical best practices: Quality starts with the finest lawyers doing the best work possible then a niche or value prop that makes you and your firm unique.

Success story:   White shoe firm absorbs change with enthusiasm.

Millennial, Mobile, Global: Millennial professionals have a native fluency with technology and are impatient. They are best equipped to take advantage of how technology and innovation will transition the industry.

Last word: Working with new concepts and in new industries has created excitement and energized the firm – you feel it in the hallways.