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23: Have An Identity – a conversation with Peter Aziz

– So You Know How to Sell Your Services.

Nicole chats with Peter Aziz, Founder and Managing Partner, Peter Aziz Associates.

Strengths/habits that have led to success: If you don’t know the answer ask, people want to help.

Growth strategy: Best form of advertising is a client you already represented, treat clients right so they will refer you.

Tactical best practices: Peter introduces himself, gives out cards and does an email follow-up. The Internet and social media have made the world smaller.

Success story: Gave a driver in Texas his card, the driver gave it to a CEO of a large company who is now his largest client.

Advice you’d give to someone starting out:  Map your professional identity, so people know your purpose.

Enjoy about work: Doing something for a client they didn’t think could be done.

Last word: If you don’t know how to do something ask. If you still can’t do it, hire someone to figure it out.

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