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24: Value Pricing with Ron Baker

Focus on Effectiveness vs. Efficiency 

Nicole chats with Ron Baker, author and VeraSage Institute – Think Tank Founder

Ron Baker Bio

Value Pricing:  Setting a price commensurate with the value you’ll create for the customer before you do the work.

Value Pricing:  Is pricing certainty and reduced risk.  When you offer a fixed price with options – customers love it.

Value pricing: Is NOT using an estimate of costs calculated out to a fixed price.

Repetitive tasks have been replaced by technology:  More can be done in less time. Businesses that sell time (the billable hour) are being forced to change their business model.

Time doesn’t determine value: Value is a feeling not a number.

Define the business problem:  Assign a value and get to work.

Give the customer pricing options:  To differentiate service expectation levels.

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