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27: Stay Top of Mind with Legal Social Media Expert, Adrian Dayton

Don’t Sell, Create and Share Content

Nicole talks with Adrian Dayton the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at ClearView Social. 

Adrian Dayton Bio

Adrian is an attorney and a top social media consultant within the legal industry.

There is a significant difference in the ability, mindset and personality of rainmakers versus the average lawyer when it involves social media for content delivery and networking.

People you know today will lead you to who will buy tomorrow. You have to stay top of mind.

Best place for lawyers to stay top of mind? Data shows, is Facebook.

While content shared on Twitter gets more clicks than LinkedIn and Facebook.   Twitter is all about sharing content.

Lawyers are smart people and have the capability to create content and make a name for themselves and their firm.

It’s about the content you create; and how regularly you create and share it that builds a reputation.

Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter is a completely open network. You attract people who are interested in the topic your writing about.

Adrian’s first book is Twitter for Lawyers – a concise read, provides a map for how to get started on Twitter. Listeners can email for a free ecopy.