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31: Advise Proactively…with Melissa Croteau

If Not Predictively

Nicole talks with Melissa Croteau, Senior Director of Strategy & Marketing at Catapult Growth Partners

 Bio Melissa Croteau 

Set the strategy for your practice then operationalize it.

Effectively communicate what you do and explain why a client should work with you versus another firm, another lawyer.

Meet with the business people versus the legal team at your clients.

Communicate with your clients and jointly discuss a fee that the client is comfortable with.

Pricing czars and other business people are now critical additions to the legal client team.

Data analytics allow law firms to look at trends and respond to trends.

Speak to clients in a language they can understand.   Present information with a call to action that business people can respond to.

Anyone can sell. Have conversations; focus on the client and their business.