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33: Connect – Communicate – Coach with Deana Calvelli of Lockton

Have the Courage to Ask the Hard Questions

Nicole talks with Deana Calvelli, Consultant and Vice President at the Lockton Companies in the Northeast. 

Bio Deana Calvelli

3 Cs – Connect with the right people; Communicate in a concise and credible way; Coach prospects authentically.

More interesting selling experiences occur in the situations that are not ‘an easy ride’. It’s OK to feel discomfort in the room – that may be the opportunity with your prospect to discuss a solution they haven’t thought of.

60% of the buying decision has been made before they contact you.

Less meet and greet time allows you to use your time more efficiently.

Develop rapport and then stay in touch – you need to ‘come to mind’ when they’re ready to buy.

Clients and prospects do business on their schedule.