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34: An Explosion of Change with Catherine Zinn of Orrick

In Who Is Doing Legal Work.

Nicole talks with Catherine Zinn the Chief Client Officer at Orrick. Catherine’s role is to ensure the firm is a steward of their clients’ businesses.

Bio Catherine Zinn.

Put the client first and acknowledge the clients interests in what you do.

If you ask for feedback, act on that feedback.

Does this make good use of my client or prospects time? If yes – go for it. If you don’t know ask.

Most firms ask gating questions, they qualify for fit and to make sure the economics make sense.

Legal industry is not flat. The responsibilities within the office of general counsel are way up – think global compliance, regulatory monitoring, and global data privacy.  It’s whose doing the work that has changed.

CLOC the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium; advises the Chief Legal Operations Executives within corporations that determine who should be doing each task.

Biz development is simple if you believe the opportunity exists to say what you think should be said. Most put their ‘head in the sand’ instead of taking on client issues directly.

Most rainmakers love their job; are curious and gritty. They genuinely look for ways to be of service to others. People who do this are successful, joyful, and are the best leaders – people follow them and want to be around them.