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38: Be ‘The Person’ with Sherrese Smith of Paul Hastings

Communicate ‘What’s Next’ vs. ‘What happened’:

Sherrese Smith, a Partner in the Telecommunications, Media and Technology; Privacy and Cyber Security practices at Paul Hastings.

Bio Sherrese Smith

Help determine what a client needs and how you can address their needs in a practical way.

All the easy answers have been answered. In a new field you’re dealing with legal issues that haven’t been thought through.

Most lawyers are not as responsive as the corporate environment expects. Lawyers are trained to ‘get the right answer’ in most corporate environments you present the best answer you can in the time available.

Determine what you want to be known for? Then make sure people within the firm and outside know you’re a specialist in that area.

At the end of the day it’s necessary to stay in your sweet spot. Don’t chase everything – be thoughtful, smart, focused.

Be a credible advisor, honesty goes a long way. Look at each opportunity in a business oriented way.

You establish a mix of relationships along the way. Be true to yourself, your brand and who you are personally, professionally.