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39: Listen Digitally with partner Steven Weisbrot of the Angeion Group

Relationships and Competency Trump Rates.

Nicole talks with Steven Weisbrot, EVP – Notice & Strategy Partner at Angeion Group. Steven is nationally recognized as a class action notice expert. He is a leading proponent for the use of digital and social media in the class action notification industry. Prior to Angeion he was the Director of Class Action services at a leading class action claims administration company; following a decade in a private law practice.

Bio Steven Weisbrot 

Establish differentiation – break with the mold of the traditional market.

Put out content, if your opinion matters – prospects will call you, they’ll trust you.

Most over think, over complicate growth.

People are out there talking about your services and your industry digitally.   Listen and participate in the conversation. By doing so you’re becoming an expert.   You become the guy/girl who talks about ‘x’ and when someone needs ‘x’ they will look to you.

It’s not ‘no’ forever. It’s ‘no’ at this time.

Need to develop tough skin around ‘no’ and the activities required to be consistent.

Put yourself on an even playing field in the industry; stop selling, it’s not about selling it’s about building relationships and building trust

If your not enjoying what you’re doing you’re not doing it well.