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42: Hello, Remember Me? with Joshua Stein

Don’t get out of your comfort zone – get into it! 

Joshua Stein Bio 

Joshua Stein is a leading US commercial real estate attorney.  He’s the author of 4 books and over 140 articles on topics including practicing law in ‘plain english’ and negotiating.  His practice focuses on ground leases, hotel related transactions and unusual forms of collateral.

No lunches, no dinners, and no calls to check in.

Great legal work, fast.

Find what you’re comfortable doing that consistently brings in work.

Do something: if it doesn’t produce work, do something else.

An event invitation puts you on radar.   

Don’t try to convert people into clientsBe out there.   The clients will follow through referrals.

Have a strong bedside mannercare about your clients, take matters personally, look beyond the document, express your views to the client.

Be a member of the client’s team.

Follow the money, pay attention and think to understand the transaction.