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44: Try Everything with Roy Salins of Davis Wright Tremaine

Do What You’re Comfortable With and Good At 

Roy Salins Bio

Today’s guest is Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Partner, Roy Salins.

For Roy staying in touch with people comes naturally.

Be positive about what you do with everyone you come in contact with – not just your business connections.

Roy opts for direct communication versus blast emails. Sending an article with a tailored note that says specifically why the information provided is important to the client.

Busy people will take 5 minutes to talk with you. Check in, ask about what they’re working on, be interested not interesting. Offer to brainstorm – at no cost.

You can sell anything once but if the work isn’t excellent you’ll never get it again.

Stay in touch, do good work, be responsive, be efficient. 

Over the long term and with a volume of work – the data gathered by firms on work done at a client will be of value to the client.

Referrals result from excellent work, well received.