47- It’s About the Client with Pierre Gentin

Practicing Law is Problem Solving

 Pierre Gentin Bio 

Nicole talks with 20 year Credit Suisse veteran; Cahill, Partner, Pierre Gentin.

Pierre keeps a guitar and keyboard in his office. He feels music can be helpful in thinking through ideas.

Solve client problems as a low-key provider of practical solutions.

Be careful not to pester clients or make suggestions that will be perceived as chasing business. Show your client something if it’s clearly in their interest and has urgency.  

Visibility is important and can be achieved in different ways. Put in the time – do the substantive work, speak, write, teach and take on pro bono efforts.

Teaching ‘keeps Pierre on his toes’ – it requires reviewing material and engaging with academics – it shows intellectual curiosity.

Be prepared to throw yourself at the things that interest you (in and outside work). Show your passion, which will translate to your work in the eyes of others.

Look for what is rewarding and fun in what you do. If you’re an energized, dynamic and curious person – people will respond well to you.

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