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51: Substantive Networking with Steve Maggi of SMA Immigration Lawyers

The Staying Power of the Monthly Newsletter.

In episode 51 we talk with a transactional immigration attorney, Steve Maggi of SMA Immigration Lawyers.

Persevere, attempt everything from a marketing, business development perspective then comes up with a formula that works.

Be flexible and adapt with the industry and the needs of your clients. Create an environment of trust.

Consistently market.

For Steve referrals from other lawyers are a big resource. He teaches 2 or 3 CLE classes per quarter. From a time/value perspective, it’s well worth the time. 

Immigration has a very human element so they encourage reputational marketing by asking satisfied clients for reviews on Google.

It’s the 2nd referral that proves your doing good work. Invest in those you work well with which can lead to referrals without hesitation.

Be strategic and go after an environment where the client is under-represented. 

If you don’t love what you do – don’t do it. The money will come if you are the kind of person who does it because you love it.

Passion drives you to learn everything you can know about a topic and to think outside the box.

Choose the path you are excited about – don’t wait. 

This episode is sponsored by Roy Fenichel, Esq. of the National Law Institute

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