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74: Mind-Boggling Data Mining Opportunities with Mike Haven of Gap, Inc.

Driving In-House Legal Strategic Decision Making

The Head of Legal operations at The Gap, Mike Haven is on the cutting edge of legal department management, creating, implementing and developing some of the industries most innovative policies, procedures, and tools.   He came to his role from NetApp where he managed legal operations and litigation across the enterprise.   Prior to joining NetApp, he was a partner at K&L Gates.

Mike Haven Bio

Today the legal eco system is a fundamental part of an effective legal department strategy.

Looking for flexibility and creativity in fee arrangements that help them manage their budget.

They are very open to potential partners presenting metrics to help the in-house department be creative and pivot.

When making sourcing decisions it’s the outlier qualities that make a difference.

Proactive, productivity improvement suggestions from law firms would be very welcome including sharing client specific relationship metrics.

Looking for creative value based fee arrangements that define value in a way that translates.

Change is occurring in an enormous industry that needs to change and improve.

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