78: Going, Going, Gone with MetLife’s General Counsel, Ricardo Anzaldua

Lawyer to Lawyer Selection and Fee Negotiation is History 

Ricardo Anzaldua served as EVP and General Counsel to MetLife until June 30th of this year.   He is currently serving as special counsel to MetLife’s CEO. Prior to joining MetLife he was an SVP and Associate General Counsel at The Hartford Financial Services Group, following a partnership at Cleary Gottlieb.

Ricardo Anzaldua Bio       

Episode Highlights 

Law Firm Business Development: The days when an in-house lawyer chooses an outside lawyer and pays what the lawyer is asking are gone.

Legal Tech and Legal Services Outsourcing: Clients will no longer pay for repetitive and formulaic work being done by counsel at any level – where legal tech and legal services outsourcing should be employed.

Legal operations and procurement: Will be part of the structure within ALL in-house legal departments before the end of the decade.  

Hiring outside counsel: We’re hiring outside counsel for a specific expertise and creativity, diversity of thought and perspective.

Most career illuminating experience: The transition to in-house counsel.  Gaining an understanding of business and the drivers of business, the need for efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability within the legal department.

Diversity: Requires retention and elevation of diverse candidates.

Future legal leaders: Need to be selected and developed using a process.

Last word: Lawyers are advocates for justice in society it’s important to ensure the integrity of the profession.

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