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81: Understanding Client Ethos with David Yawman of PepsiCo

While Leaving the Hubris at Home

David Yawman is the SVP & Deputy General Counsel of PepsiCo, and General Counsel North American Beverages and Quaker Foods NA. He has 18 years of in-house public company operating division and global markets experience.   He works extensively with his organizations C-Suite executives and the audit committee of the company’s board of directors.

David Yawman Bio

Keys to In-house Success: Know the business, how the company makes money. Translate your knowledge of the law and the business to influence the decisions being made.

Expertise, Value, and Diversity: key components of PepsiCo’s decision-making process.

Betting on both the horse and the jockey:  when investing in legal tech, to ensure it’s implemented properly.

The Competition is Daunting: the events of 2008 resulted in a new normal on costs.

They value partners:  who share in the pressures they are under, who show an understanding of their business and are ready to execute.

Advice: be an expert in the legal matters, do your homework on the client’s business, and be patient while listening holistically to what is occurring.

Life is a journey: an accumulation of experiences – try to learn something new each day.

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