82: Forget the Ball Game and Golf … Drive Meaningful Sustainable Value to Our Organization

A conversation with Mark Smolik of DHL

Mark Smolik, Vice President General Counsel & Secretary, Chief Compliance Officer, DHL Supply Chain Americas, leads his company’s legal, commercial contracts management, compliance, and economic development teams.   He’s a proponent of establishing strong operational disciplines and working closely with the business in support of their shared interests. He’s been in his current role for 8 years following successive in-house roles at three name organizations since 1990.

Mark Smolik Bio

  • Corporate Lawyers: take a business approach to the practice of law; your demeanor should be that of a business person.
  • Build Internal Equity: offer a supportive approach to the business.
  • Provide Meaningful Value: your perceived value to the business is key.
  • Be prepared: take the time to learn about the organization, the industry, the legal department, and the people on the legal team.
  • Tie the services you offer to the needs of the client: show that what you have to offer is relevant.
  • Ask for the business: reach out proactively and provide relevant information.
  • Competitive Advantage: clearly state what you have that is a competitive advantage and why we should work with you.
  • Advice: ask for the business; make a strong impression, don’t assume panels are locked down. Things change. They are always looking for additional talent.

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