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84: Hard-work; Homework and Huddles

We talk with the Zenefits, GC, Joshua Stein

 Joshua Stein, is the General Counsel and VP of External Affairs at Zenefits. He leads his company’s legal, compliance, regulatory affairs and government relation’s efforts.  He brings a variety of experience to his current role having served as a Sr. Associate at Quinn Emanuel; an Asst. US Attorney; a federal judicial court clerk; and an Intelligence Officer for the US Army – a 4-year period which included leadership with a U.S. Army company deployed to Bosnia.

Joshua Stein Bio

  • In-house: the pace is relentless and your focus and time are much more fragmented.
  • Homework: Doing your homework shows that you value our business.
  • Demonstrate: your expertise and analytical ability. Have a plan and provide insight.
  • Budgets:I live and die on that budget number.’
  • Stage your proposal: It’s understood it’s difficult to provide an estimate. Project phasing and communication are key.
  • Let’s huddle: It’s effective and cost-efficient. There is a big loss of quality in transmission.
  • Nothing is perfect: If all the feedback you hear is perfect, start to worry about the relationship.