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87: Add Value and Be Patient a conversation with Andy Spielman, of Wilmer Hale

Andrew Spielman is the Chair of Wilmer Hale’s Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Practice, and the ‘partner-in-charge’ of the Denver office. Prior to working at two top firms, he served in senior positions at the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Andrew Spielman Bio


  • Adopt a client service approach
  • Be a team player
  • Regularly evaluate your business development investment and adjust
  • Have a plan and execute the plan – in a deliberate manner
  • Show value before the client is a client through knowledge sharing
  • Today’s in-house council is under pressure to be efficient
  • It’s a business relationship – have direct business-to-business conversations
  • Last Points:
    • Learn your client’s business
    • Get to know them
    • Celebrate their success
    • And thank them for letting you contribute