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88: Persistence and Value Tagline: With Steptoe’s Lucinda Low

Steptoe & Johnson, Partner, Lucinda Low is a widely recognized authority in the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Her practice focuses on the US and international anti-corruption laws. She is a member of her firm’s management committee and head of the Compliance Investigations, Trade, and Enforcement Departments.

Lucinda Low Bio

Habits: Put yourself out there, it takes a certain kind of energy and willingness to engage with people and open yourself up to possible rejection.

Referrals: Listen and being alert to opportunities.

Events: Identifying key opportunities in your field. Time is our most precious commodity. Think carefully about how you are going to allocate your time.

Build trust: Clients want to know how you can help them solve their problem. Don’t give up easily. The right opportunity may eventually come around.

Deliver Value: Help clients and prospects avoid risks by anticipating trends.


  • It is never too early to start developing the habits of business development
  • With practice, most lawyers can develop these skills
  • Don’t get frustrated
  • Learn to adapt to changing market conditions