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89: Matter Fee Negotiation and Your High School Prom

A Conversation with Olga Mack of Clearslide

Olga Mack started her career as an IP litigator before going in-house and working for several start-ups. Today she is active in the startup world, is on the board of two early-stage starts and is the General Counsel and Assistant Secretary for the San Francisco headquartered, sales and marketing engagement platform ClearsSlide.

Olga Mack Bio

  • Contracting with Outside Resources: Referrals are important and powerful.
  • Quality Expectations: Be explicit about what quality looks like. Communication is key.
  • Legal Tech: It’s an expectation that providers embrace technology – including law firms.
  • Added Value: The inclusion of technology within legal services is providing added value to both the client and the firm.
  • Outcomes: Providers should proactively quantify service delivery value so in-house counsel can intelligently communicate with organization leaders, board members, and the CEO.
  • We Like It: The efficiencies and improvements offered by legal tech create a more satisfying experience for the legal department and firm users.
  • Predictability is key: Budgets have an inherent constraint. Hourly billing lacks precision.
  • Pricing isn’t taboo its reality on both sides of the table.