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91: LeftFoot Holiday Message and Gift

A thank you to our audience and supporters…

We’re sharing the 3rd of our 12 Business Development Challenges in this episode.  This Challenge is the first of three challenges in our Business Development Grit category related to networking.

The LeftFoot 12-SESSION Challenge is divided into 3 categories:

  • Business Development Grit: Tactical habits that lead to BD success – including networking
  • Nailing Your Niche: How to focus and develop an expert reputation
  • Commercial Savoir Faire: a discussion on business and the revenue side of law

We believe:

  • 20% of people are natural at business development
  • 10% say ‘no’ to business development
  • 70% are neutral and can adopt the skills necessary when presented in an organized, methodical way

It takes focus and thought to ‘Lead with the LeftFoot’… Until next time