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92: The Associate Perspective on Business Development

For our first episode of 2018 LeftFoot is featuring 4 women associates from the Goodwin Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions business.   We share their perspective on business development and taking on business development responsibilities at the firm.

First up was 2nd-year associate Serena Shi. Serena’s strategy for business development and client retention is ‘spot on’ noting that responsiveness, the ability to engage with others as a team player, and consistency in execution are differentiators.   She also notes the value of adding a personal touch without compromising your professional image in this very competitive space.   When it comes to the future and taking on responsibility for business development as a partner, Serena feels it’s should be a gradual process starting as an associate versus an abrupt change.   Serena Shi Bio

The second associate we talk with is 3rd year, Michal Netanyahu. Michal believes more client face time would be helpful. Noting the importance of understanding your client’s perspective, timeline, desired deal pace, and the overall business considerations your client is facing.   We discuss the advantages of a lower bill rate including being seen as an accessible resource and client-side peers that will be her clients in the future.   Simone Greenspan Bio

Next is Simone Greenspan, a 2nd-year associate. Simone reflects on observing others and the business development best practices they employ.   Noting a partner’s ability to transition from a work social conversation to a business development conversation with ease. Simone and Nicole also discuss the power of watching and hearing from diverse role models.  Michal Netanyahu Bio

We conclude with points from 3rd-year associate, Christine Poile. Chris reflects on consciously developing relationships that will grow over time. That as a 3rd year, reframing business developing as a priority will be next step specifically focusing on developing relationships outside the firm. We conclude our conversation with Chris talking about the importance of listening and understanding a client’s needs; developing your own style; and how to be uniquely you as you present yourself to clients and prospects.  Christine Poile Bio

We hope you enjoy episode 92.   Tune in next week to hear from Paula Davis-Laack, on lawyers and resilience – and the difference between resilience and grit.