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10: Get Creative a conversation with Brian Miske the CMO of KPMG MSLP

Break Through Convention 

Nicole chats with Brian Miske the CMO of KPMG MSLP.

Strengths/habits that have led to success: Creativity, curiosity and strategy, drive what Brian does on a daily basis.

Creativity: is the capability he’s used in professional services on a consistent basis. Use creativity to accelerate something fantastic.   Connect disparate pieces of information that break through convention.

Predictive analytics: Get creative in trying to understand the story behind the data. Confirm what you expected to see and note the interesting things that deserve another look. 3 to 4 different generations in the workforce and all process information and learn differently. Data is the one fact base for all.

Owning the conversation: marry statistics and marketing with creativity.   Having synchronization between the value proposition and the differentiators make it relevant for those buying the services. Truly address the perceived value of what will be delivered.

A true renaissance in learning is occurring: People think they’re learning through search but there’s no context, no synthesis of information. We have a tsunami of content and a fragmented approach to problem solving. Get out of your comfort zone.   Take a course. Newer concepts need focus. Invest in your education.

Last word: Get out there – get creative – get out of your own head create a break through solution that addresses the legacy perceptions in your industry and meet the future expectations of the customers.

 Brian Miske Bio