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63: Business Pragmatism with Damon Vocke

… and Curious Autodidacts

Damon Vocke is the Vocke Law Group, Founder and Managing Partner. In the fall of 2016, he and his partners launched their firm focused on the insurance, reinsurance, and financial services industries, covering corporate litigation, internal investigations, governance and regulatory compliance issues.   He’s the former president of the reinsurance firm, Gen Re. Prior to his role as president, he was the Gen Re General Counsel and worked previously for Lord Bissell & Brook.

Damon Vocke  


  • Hear why firm size and design is not as important as the specific lawyer
  • Forget ‘selling’ – talk about the facts what you’ve done and your experience in the market
  • Hear how fees, specific experience, and overall delivery are the components of a fair deal
  • Good judgment is critical