65: Really? Yes, Really with Doug Johnson of Catapult

Good Work is Table Stakes…

Managing Partner and CEO of Catapult Growth Partners, Doug Johnson, recently hosted a group of top business development and marketing leaders from the legal, private equity and professional services industries for a day-long roundtable to discuss the latest trends in business development and marketing. Doug leads Catapult, a US consultancy with an emphasis on accelerating profitable growth within professional services firms.

Doug Johnson Bio 

  • Tune in to hear how clients are choosing to allocate their legal fees–think outcomes and ROI
  • When it comes to brand and creating a niche, listen in to hear why boutique firms have an advantage–at least at first
  • Firm dog and pony? Be sure to include information on what you’ve implemented and how it’s improved efficiency
  • Will law firms and lawyers become more proactive with client planning?
  • Want to maintain a market focus without reducing the professional’s billable time? There’s a player-coach for that!