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28: Zen Networking with Vivia Chen

It’s like Speed Dating 

 Vivia Chen Bio

Nicole chats with Vivia Chen, a lawyer; Senior Columnist at The American Lawyer; and writer of the monthly column and blog ‘The Careerist’.

It’s about being persistent. Don’t pester but stay on radar.

Anticipate client needs, stay a step ahead.

Don’t forget the personal side people want to work with people they like and have rapport with. It builds trust.

Networking taps into primal fears.   Entering a room of strangers and looking to make a connection. You immediately become self-conscious.

You have something to offer. Think of yourself as a source of information. You have something to say, something to offer.

Networking is like speed dating, talk to someone for 5 or 10 minutes, then move on.

Go to events where you have something in common with others – events based on an affiliation.

Fear of rejection is inherent in networking and business development.

Be methodical about business development but also be relaxed and have fun. Be Zen about it.