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50: Adopt a Commercial Approach with Fabrizio Carpanini of Dorsey

Meet the Client’s Objective

On Episode 50, Nicole talks with the head of Dorsey’s UK and Continental European Private Equity Group, Partner, Fabrizio Carpanini.

Fabrizio Carpanini Bio

Know your stuff – the law and your practice. Learn what do to and what not to do.

You can waste time and money chasing business. Be realistic, do research, go after prospective clients with the right amount and type of matters that align with the specialties within your practice.

Make sure you have a valid reason to compete against the incumbent.

It’s important to come up with ways to stay in touch and in front of current clients in a way that is of value.

Break down the financial roadblocks that prevent partners from bringing others in to assist their clients.  He supports a controlled effort to reward collaboration that benefits clients and has positive results.

The further east you go the more business becomes about relationship and trust rather than proving one’s ability and prior business accomplishments.

Protect the interests of the client but treat others fairly. In private equity engagements, those individuals will be part of the clients business going forward.  They don’t want to start the relationship with animosity and distrust caused by the advisor on the way in.

If you enjoy what you do you don’t really have a line between your social life and your work life. 

Push yourself to do the things that get you out into the market. Go.  You’ll always walk away with something positive.

Be sensitive to the clock ticking with clients. Give the clients something of value that won’t result in a bill 4 weeks later.

If you speak a second, third or 4th language develop it, keep it up, use it  – your ability to work across cultures can help grow your business.

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