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66: The Introvert and Business Development with Greenberg’s Frank Citera

Knowledge and Experience Equal Success

Frank Citera is the co-Chair of Greenberg Traurig’s Product Liability & Mass Torts Litigation Group and Co-Chair of the Chicago Litigation Practice. He is ‘renowned for his toxic tort and product liability work’ and other complex litigation in both federal and state courts. He defends class actions for companies from all industries and business sectors.

Frank Citera Bio

Advice: ‘Get on the train when it’s leaving and worry about which seat you’re sitting in later’

Work hard: rarely miss an opportunity to work on a matter, no matter how busy you are

Strategy:   stay ahead on your topic – the specifics – so you can be a resource for our clients

Staying Power: success spreads as you become recognized for your expertise

Straight talk on AFAs: experience translates to efficiency; technology will help increase accuracy; success relies on a relationship of mutual trust and conversation with your client

Last Word: law is a profession, have a passion for what you do and a thirst for knowledge

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