61: My Lawyer / My Consultant with Ilan Nissan of Goodwin

Thoughts, Words, and Strategies for Sale!


Ilan Nissan is a Senior Partner and noted rainmaker at Goodwin. In addition to client work, he sits on the firm’s Executive Committee and leads the Private Equity and Mergers and Acquisition business. 

Ilan Nissan Bio

  • Tune in to hear why packaging advice matters! Hint: client customization is key
  • Specialized advice and the end of the ‘Dog and Pony’?
  • It’s helpful and profitable to establish relationships at all levels. Hint: young people move
  • Diverse teams and human nature – it’s not a ‘box check’
  • What can you do today? Inventory your network, both personal and professional
  • Get out from behind your specialty – know what your firm does well and doesn’t do well