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01: It’s Not No, It’s Not Now – We chat with Pat Gillette of Orrick

Engage with your client and talk business not law:


Some rainmakers are born many are bread. Pat shares her passion for rainmaking and educating others on making rain.

Strengths/habits that have led to success:

  1. Active listening – be engaged with the person you are speaking with
  2. Understand the business goals and present options – be a problem solver
  3. Be a motivating leader, delegate and give credit
  4. Take risks in support of your clients.

Growth strategy:  Focus on the 2Rs – reputation and relationships.

Tactical best practices:  Become the expert in something that interests you and have a plan to develop the relationships to support it.

Success story:  Take a risk, present ideas that differentiate you and your firm.

Last word:  You have the skills to develop business – practice it and work at it.

Pat Gillette Bio