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70: Integrity, Partnership… and Coffee with Marriott’s Michael Martinez

Be Smart About Business Development

Michael Martinez on LinkedIn

  • Marriott has a budget for litigation and looks at the cost-benefit of settling versus litigating.
  • They often select cases to litigate that advance the longer-term goals of the company that drive broader principals.
  • Marriott looks for partners when evaluating outside counsel, firms that understand their business and can be viewed as a partner.
  • Marriott works with firms and lawyers that show a high level of integrity and are easy to work with.
  • Mike shares a success story involving Jenner & Block and Sheppard Mullins noting successful partnering and collective decision making as they assist in-house counsel on a key case
  • Marriott welcomes new ways of billing and complemented Crowell & Moring for creativity in this area.
  • Advice to Lawyers pursuing clients like Marriott – be smart about it; tell me about your expertise, be likable, personable, and friendly.

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