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56: Relationship vs. Outcomes with Yahoo’s Jeff Franke and Cisco’s Steve Harmon

Hello, Efficiency!

Chief of Staff to the General Counsel and Sr. Director of Global Legal Operations at Yahoo, Jeff Franke; and VP and Deputy General Counsel at Cisco, Steve Harmon.

Today’s guests hold leadership roles in CLOC – the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium. Within CLOC, Leaders of some of the largest law departments in the US are coming together to solidify and implement legal operations standards in an effort to solve challenges in their ecosystems.

Episode 56 is the second of two episodes featuring these distinguished guests.

Listen in as we discuss why:

  • The time has come for legal to focus on outcomes
  • Legal Operations is gaining ‘seats at the table’
  • The use of LPOs and legal tech and why it’s important to clients
  • Today’s GCs are highly experienced lawyers – the best of the best
  • The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) is:
    • Providing in-house legal with the content and competence to run legal departments
    • Gathering experienced legal professionals to share best practices and standards

Tune into Episode 55 on iTunes or Episode 55 on LeftFoot Website for the beginning of this discussion with Jeff and Steve.


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