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09: Poster Child for Networking – with Michael Schwamm of Duane Morris

You Can Teach Yourself to Be a Better Networker


Nicole chats with Michael Schwamm a Partner at Duane Morris in NYC.  

Brief Into: Get to know your clients, spend time with them. Make sure your billing practices aren’t pushing them away.

Strengths/habits that have led to success: Responsiveness, preparedness, persistent consistent follow-up that provides value.

Growth strategy: Become a trusted advisor and they’ll come to you and want your opinion beyond legal matters.

Tactical best practices: Before the first meeting gain an understanding of their needs, ask and do research – bring the right team.

Success story: “I’m the poster child for networking” – hints on how to be a better networker.

Millennial, Mobile, Global: The people you know today may be your strongest connections in the future.

Michael Schwamm Bio